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We come from a small town where we don’t have a lot of mentoring capabilities or people to mentor. For the few people who do leave to start a life, they are rooted in other communities and it gets cumbersome for people to make it back to the city and give back. Dealing with this dilemma, we realized there are other small towns throughout the nation. So we have created The Mentors Making Mentors Foundation, Inc., (The M3 Foundation) a Non Profit Organization with an online platform to connect young adults to Mentors that are currently developing in Career Fields that they are interested in.


We know that sometimes all it takes is one conversation with the right person to get you started. There are numerous ways to get involved with the Foundation!

Please contact us if you:

  • Are in a career you enjoy and would like to give back through online mentor-ship.

  • Desire a mentor in a career area you are interested in.

  • Want to make a tax-deductible donation to scholarship funding and outreach programs.

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